• Image of Casting access

This listing is to be added to a group on Instagram that sends out castings for tv and modelling work for children, families and “normal” people. The posts will mostly be related to children and families. But occasionally will be requesting couples, mums and friends. The posts will be put on an Instagram story so no personal details need to be given or taken. The castings from all different companies will be added on the story and only those who have purchased will have access to the viewings. You have to be online to access them and you will not receive notifications. The castings will be mainly for various locations in the UK so keep your eyes peeled if anything looks suitable for you so you can go and apply to the casting call. Access is for 12 months.

I do not in anyway guarantee that you will be accepted for any work or castings but you will have access to the information to apply yourself directly to the casting.

When you purchase please leave your Instagram account name in the notes or email them across.